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Light Your Landscape with Our Lighting Systems

You have a beautiful landscape, now you want to highlight it? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. FGM Landscaping & Brick Pavers has spectacular low voltage lighting systems and fixtures to illuminate your landscape.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Home with Lighting

Exterior lighting is the most popular feature among homeowners in Millstone now. Go above and beyond the traditional porch light, and use landscape lighting systems to accentuate certain areas of your

landscape like your paved walkways, plants, trees and more. We’ve got top-notch lighting systems for you, like:

Develop a Unique Landscape with Lighting Systems

  • Wall wash fixtures to illuminate your home

  • Path fixtures to guide entry to your home

  • Bullet fixtures to accent evergreens and specimens

  • Well fixtures to illuminate tree canopies

Make a big impact on your landscape with low voltage lighting systems

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These low voltage lighting systems not only add beauty to your home and landscape, it also provides additional security for your home. Schedule an appointment with our team to discuss your  landscape project.

  • CAST low voltage lighting systems

  • High-quality solid bronze fixtures

  • Stainless steel transformers


Why not enjoy the beauty of that New Landscape at night as well as day with the installation of “Cast” Low Voltage Lighting. With stainless steel transformers and solid bronze fixtures the quality and durability is unmatched in the industry.

There are 3 things to consider when designing a landscape lighting system:

1.   Soft illumination of the home itself this is accomplished by wall wash fixtures carefully placed at the right angle facing up from the foundation. Placed properly this will truly compliment the beauty of your home.


2.   Tastefully placed Path Lighting to safely guide you and your guests as they enter your home. This area is typically over done and often improperly layed-out to cause black-out areas. We as the installer of the walkways and lighting are most qualified to achieve a well balanced finished affect. There are four different path fixtures to choose from both traditional and contemporary.


3.   The Highlighting of your Landscape Pieces. Not everything in your beds needs to be illuminated. We try and focus on the higher-end pieces such as uprights and specimens; typically Bullet- Fixtures are used while Well- Fixtures are used on Deciduous Tree Canopies.

Call us today whether you want to renovate an existing Landscape or Lighting System or if you would like to add something new.

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